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Let's cut to the chase, shall we?
If you liked the album If you want us to make more music for you If you want us to feel motivated as musicians who just want to be heard Now is your time to truly support us.
We want YOU to decide what our album is worth.
If the album should be free in your opinion, download or stream it right now. We would love for you to just listen to our years of work.
However, for instance, if you feel the album is worth a million dollars to you, or even Tk.5, irrespective of the amount you decide to pay, the very fact that you paid in all honesty would mean everything to us.
Hence, the choice for payment has been kept open. Pay as you want.

Conclusion free album download
Shajo Tumi [Official Music Video]
Tiroshkar [Official Music Video]
Tin Chaka [Official Music Video]
Priyo Ondhokar [Official Music Video]
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